Specs. and Uses

Specifications for Container Slik


  • All sizes 54″x54″
  • 24 SLIKS per case
  • 1 case covers 486 sq. ft.
  • Weight approximately 4 lbs. each / approximately 100 lbs. per case
  • Nests for storage
  • Material made from a 0.35 mm Black HDPE
  • All sizes interlock on all four side regardless of size
  • All Drain and Spike holes factory punched
  • Estimated life at 5 years
Sliks interlock with each other
Helpful Hints

  • Use the SLIKS as table tops. Use pallets or wire table panels as the structure and use the SLIK to finish off the top.
  • Use SLIKS to organize your cold frames or growing areas. They will keep your facility looking sharp and organized, not to mention the added benefit of weed control.
  • For trade gallons, start the season with fully loaded SLIKS. As you sell off your stock, reorganize and skip cells as required. This will allow growing room for your plants.
  • Use the SLIK for growing or finishing plants that are prone to earth born disease or insect problems.
  • SLIKS help to keep plants from rooting into gravel or weed mants.
  • Growers can benefit from either perimeter use or windward side use. This helps protect the interior plants from wind as well as setting up a spacing module for for employees to follow.
  • Pre-punched holes allow for spike anchoring to the ground.
  • When your plants grow and need to be re-potted in a larger container, just interlock the next size SLIK onto your smaller size.