Customer Quotes

What Customers Are Saying About Container Slik

“We use them everyday. Better than sitting them on the ground, keeps them from blowing over.”

David from Brad’s Garden Center in Hillsboro, OH.

“We love it! We use them in our garden center, pots don’t blow over and we don’t have to play 52-pick up!”

Dellie from Brights Nursery and Landscape Service in Ashland, OH.

“It’s working real well, just like I imagined it would. Saves a lot of wear and tear and we are very satisfied. Had 50 mph winds yesterday and not  one plant blew over.”

Cindy from W.H. Shroyer in Cincinnati, OH.

“Absolutely the most wonderful thing since sliced bread! We use them for our perennials and it keeps them from blowing over and neat looking.”

Dick from K Drive Greenhouse in East Leroy, MI.

“Were using them for our 1 gallon vines. Have experienced no problems with them, keeps our plants from blowing over.”

Dale from Pierson Nurseries, Inc. in Dayton, ME.

“We really love them. We are on the gulf coast and with the winds we get, they are keeping our plants from being blown over. They make our place look neater and more tidy and we have even had customers comment on that fact.”

Donna from Treehouse Nursery in Gulf Shores, AL.

“We always had trouble in the late season with our mature tall perennials and the sliks have made the biggest change for us in that they keep them upright and from falling over, especially on the benches we use, no more rolling off!”

Alice from Longfellow’s Garden Center in Centertown, MO.

“I found them to be very handy in the spacing and placing of our newly potted perennial plants, plus it blocks out the weeds.”

Richard from Fair Acres Nursery in Sussex, NJ.

“Our farm is on a very windy site, lots of winds blowing down through the section that we keep our perennial grasses and shrubs. We were forever going down and picking them up, since we got the sliks we have not had to go down one single time to pick anything up.”

Tim from Langletz Landscaping Inc. in New Cumberland, PA.

“I use them for tall perennial plants out in the open winds and am pleased that they are not blowing over like before.”

Howard from Springhill Growers in Williamston, SC.

“Fabulous, we are thrilled to death. We had good size winds blowing through and our tall perennials are standing tall to the wind!”

Jerry from Damar Nursery in Merritt Island, FL.

“They work real well, good at keeping the plants upright”.

Cynthia for Crack Pots Nursery in Huffman, TX.

“We are excited with our Container Sliks. They keep everything wonderfully organized and the perennials look wonderful”.

Lisa from Texas Seasons in Frisco, TX.